Music Video: Lit by Uh Oh

Crandle the Hat Maker recently produced our first music video in collaboration with hip hop artist Uh Oh!

It was shot at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington during the city's Festival of Lights; which lent it a colourful and striking look.  As always, we shot the video using an Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II with the 7-14mm f/2.8 Pro lens.  The lighting was augmented with an Aperture Amaran 672 LED light which was running off battery power.  Carol bravely held the light up by hand, despite the horribly cold weather.

To shoot the video, we had Uh Oh perform the song in multiple settings while we played the master audio over a portable speaker. (We also took some b-roll to edit in later).

Afterwards, we used Final Cut Pro X's Multicam feature to edit it together.  With Multicam, you upload all the video clips, along with the master audio, and the program automatically lines them all up.  The system worked brilliantly, perfectly aligning everything to the master audio (amazing since the video only caught the song from a portable speaker that was pointing away from it, and there was a wind storm at the time).  We then went through all the clips, picking which one to use for each section of the song.

All in all, it turned out pretty well, and we hope to do more music videos in the future.

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